Gary Miller
April 7, 2013 | Gary Miller

Beautiful Spring!

"Spring comes slowly when you are up this high", I am paraphrasing  - that's what Bear Claw said to Jeremiah Johnson anyway.  Well, we're not up quite that high, but we are significantly above the valley floor these days.  We are between two and three thousand feet elevation, depending upon which vineyard you are referencing here in either El Dorado or Amador County.  And with that gain in elevation, Mother Nature dances to a bit of a different beat.  She is a little slower to get it all going again in the Spring, holding back on those new leaves and blooms, and in our case on bud break.

Starting tomorrow, we will at last begin the final pruning of the Southfork Vineyard on Apple Hill.  Think Bobby and poor JR, with not nearly as many cattle or enemies, but with plenty of healthy young Grenache and Grenache blanc vines.

It is one of the sources for our recently bottle Rose'.  A beautiful hillside vineyard, poised at almost three thousand feet elevation.  I "long pruned" the vineyard in February, and imagined we would be doing the final pruning well before now.  I guess I've still got some work to do in getting my internal clock in sync with Mother Nature up here in the hills.

We are definitely looking forward to the fast approaching warmer temperatures and all the vineyard activity just around the corner.

Please keep in mind - this is a great time of year to ship wine.  Temperatures are moderate across the country.  Please let us know if we can send a package your way.

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Talk to you soon ...

The very best,




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