Gary Miller
September 18, 2012 | Gary Miller

2012 Growing Grapes

Boring is good!  Well - I should not say boring actually.  Maybe I should say normal, which for us is the exquisite work of Mother Nature.  After the last two harvests, both of which were decidedly not normal, this year has been a welcome treat.  Like the perfect sunset, Mother Nature has rendered us speechless once again.

Our bright spring weather was very accomodating - cool temperatures with very little precipitation made grapevines happy.  An abundant crop was set, and the growing season began to settle into those aforementioned "normal" patterns.  As we ceded into summer, the news remained good.  From last seasons "summer that wasn't" to this years consistently warm, sometimes hot weather, grape clusters continue to traverse the ripening process, bathed in glorious dappled sunshine.

This harvest has begun in most areas, (we get our first grapes today!) with an extra measure of excitement in the air.  Vine yields and grape quality look to be exceptional, which is definitely a return to normal for those of us who are blessed to be making premium California wines.  Thanks Mother Nature for your wonderful work in our vineyards.

Let's all remember this when we savor a 2012 wine.  I can't wait!








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